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Be ready for the next reason to celebrate

To the happy couple! To the new job! It's girl! You've passed! We've won the cup!

With the Bubbly Bauble such Champagne moments can forever be relived.

For a gift of exquisite quality, the Bubbly Bauble is very affordable at £19.99. So If the occasion is worth honouring with Champagne, it's worth perpetuating with the Bubbly Bauble - more imaginative than cards, more enduring than flowers, and as appropriate to the big occasion as Champagne itself.

You'll be surprised at the range of events that merit a special celebration. Some may be approaching, some on the horizon, some totally unexpected. What's certain is that with the Bubbly Bauble you're always ready to show how thoughtful you are. Be prepared. Stock up now.

Wedding - The Bubbly Bauble makes a special extra to accompany the wedding present.

Engagement - By its nature unpredictable, once the question and the cork have been popped, make sure the event is marked with the Bubbly Bauble.

Promotion - As soon as the news has been broken, break open the Champagne accompanied by the Bubbly Bauble. Cup win Who'd have though we could do it! That's certainly worth remembering for years to come.

New Baby - As soon as you get the news, rush over with the bubbly - and the Bubbly Bauble to perpetuate the celebration.

Birthdays and Anniversaries - The big ones that end with an "0" need never be forgotten thanks to the Bubbly Bauble.

Graduation Mortarboards in the air, cork flying and coming to rest in the Bubbly Bauble to give the event a degree of permanence.

Retirement - The Bubbly Bauble makes an original way to mark the end of one era and the beginning of the next. Christmas and New Year Hang the Bubbly Bauble from a branch to customise the tree and make these festivals more special.